woensdag 4 januari 2012

Day - Night Cycle

This is an improvisation of me playing live on my piano and then I added some background synths and sound FX to it. This song represents the change of day and night. (cfr. Le petit prince)

=> Day - Night Cycle


My first real solo classical piano piece in contemporary style. And perfectly playable on piano.
Based on Prokofiev's Toccata and Shostakovich's first piano sonata.

=> Toccata mp3



Just an improvisation when I listened a lot to Joe Hisaishi. And listen to the ending! It sounds EXACTLY like Hamauzu. (I'm a huge Hamauzu fan)

=> Poeme mp3

Dolphin Race

Watch out! Litlle cute dolphins coming through. I'm so happy to have discovered Hamauzu, he gave me so many ideas and learned me how to use rhythm as a key point in composing.

=> Dolphin Race mp3

Summer Garden

You do know I can play violin right? Well, a little bit... Enough to make this live composition Summer Garden. Enjoy!

=> Summer Garden mp3

Duet for alto and piano (Len Kagamine)

A test of my Vocal soundbank with Len Kagamine.

=> Duet for alto and piano (Len Kagamine)

The Future Brings Hope

A piano/guitar piece about the joy of life! Based upon Masashi Hamauzu's Chocobo Dungeon music. 

=> The Future Brings Hope mp3

I'm gonna catch you little bunny!

This is my first song I ever made into an mp3.
Imagine yourself catching this bunny in a beautiful open grass field with a red horizon. What a joy when you've caught him! By the way this is one of my favourite compositions. You can feel the hope flowing here.

=> I'm gonna catch you little bunny! mp3

Journey to E'kh Go'thar'nis

Going through the jungle in search for an ancient temple. Based on the Piano Sonatas of Kabalevsky.

=> Journey to E'kh Go'thar'nis mp3

Candy Village

It's about a witch who lures little children inside her cookie house and eats them!

=> Candy Village mp3


For Piano and String Orchestra. Inspired by Yoko Kanno.

=> Angel mp3


Jazzy, mellow, orchestral music with a James Bond/Hamauzu touch. Influenced by Musashiden II OST. Oriental serenade for flute and piano on a bed of strings.

=> Sunset mp3

Len et Orchestra

This is Len Kagamine singing a song with orchestra. Many thanks to Michiru Oshima for giving me inspiration. Produced with EWQL Gold.

=> Len et Orchestra mp3


Chico is the name of my dog. This song is a mixture of Debussy's Passepied, Hamauzu, Jazz. I like the modulations here.

=> Chico mp3

The Chase

Jazz with a rather cool melody I have to say. Based upon Masashi Hamauzu's Saga Frontier II Theme. You could call it an "Ode to Saga Frontier II".

=> The Chase

Flying to the Clouds

This song is dedicated to Cloud (FF7) and is based upon music from Michiru Oshima's Full Metal Alchemist.

=> Flying to the Clouds mp3

Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto by Albert Sung (2008):

Movement 1 is based on the music from the movie: The Human Stain. Movement 2, the solo cadenza after the introductional Andante is written 10 years ago and I just wanted to put it in my piano concerto. Movement 3 is inspired by Ginastera's Sonata no.1. Movement 4 is definitely inspired by Dutilleux's symphonic works and by Bartok's second piano concerto. Nice works, I recommend you to listen to them. Movement 5 is based on the harmony of Holst's Planets. It's marvellous how I manipulated the power and climax in this piece. I used the theme of the Largo part for the ending.

Autumn Leaves

Yes it's Autumn Leaves, it's about the Winter that's coming. The music is an ode to Joe Hisaishi.

=> Autumn Leaves mp3

Feelin' Good

Here's my first piece of music to you.
Just a jazz piece for guitar and piano. I was in a good mood, also recall a melody from a Jackie Chan movie.

=> Feelin' Good mp3